Schrater's Ray Gun
27" Red Jack

Schrater's Ray Gun
27" Red
Sunset Acres Two Bits
30" Red
LN Red Sonfire
31½" Dark Red
LN Redsonnehi
31¾" Red
Lazy N Nehemiah
Lazy N Nolita
Jennie Sam of Bell E Acres
32½" Red
M&M Cameo
Double D Farm Little Bit
31¾" Red
Double D Farm Johny Cake
32" Red
Susie Bell
33" Dark Red
M&M Cameo
Schrater's Little Lily
28½" Brown/Gray-Dun
Noah's T'N'T
31¾" Dark Brown
L-P Woodstock II
32" Gray-Dun
L-P Woodstock
L-P Vanessa
L-P Fredricka
32½" Brown
Crackerjack #22
L-P Tina
Schrater's Lindy
30¼" Gray-Dun
Gardner's Kodiak
29½" Gray-Dun
Gardner's Roto
Tina of M&M
Schrater's Lacy
31" Gray-Dun
Schrater's Short Stop
Schrater's Lizzy
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