Sunset Acres Passion Flame
29½" Dark Russet Jennet

MGF Prime Time
30½" " Black & White Spotted
Dewey Meadows Primo
32" Dark Brown & White Spotted
Dewey Meadows Valentino
32¾" Dark Brown & White Spotted
Dewey Meadows Guido
Dewey Meadows Calico
Dewey Meadows Victoria
33" Very Dark Brown
Carpenter Farm Charlie My Boy
Dewey Meadows Angie
MGF Venus Dark Damsel
31¼" Brown
Dodge City Jack of Spades
31½" Black w/Cross, NLP
Dodge City's Poquito Bandito
Dodge City's Aunt Jemima
MGF Venus Daphnia 35
31" Brown
LCR Valintino 50
LCR Philimeno 67
MGF Venus Pon Farr
31½" Dark Brown
The Fireman
32½" Dark Red
DMF Junior
33" Rose Dun
MGF Venus Uhura
31" Black/Brown
LCR Valintino 50
32" Dark Red *MSF
Lazy C Ranch Diamond
Lazy C Ranch Philimeno 31
LCR Philimeno 70
32" Dark Brown
Lazy C Ranch Diamon
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